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9/23/23: Green-Black Belt OCIGK Tournament

This tournament is for green belt through black belts, in preparation for the multi-school tournament next year on Feb 10, 20204 in Tustin.

There will be a high degree of focus on kata details and sparring.

All participants are automatically enrolled in kata and sparring,

Please let your instructor know if you need an exception.

(All participants in the September 23 tournament will receive $10 off registration for the multi-school tournament on Feb 2024.)

Data: Saturday, September 23, 2023

Location: Deerfield Community Center

Requirement: Currently enrolled, Green through Black Belts only

Registration: 9:30 am

GROUP 1 - KATA Green belts, Brown belts

Kata Competition Begins: 10:00 am

GROUP 2 - Kata Black belts

Kata Competition Begins: 11:00 am

GROUP 3 - Sparring (All Belts)

Sparring begins after Black Belt Kata is complete

REGISTRATION - Please ask your instructor for the Tournament Registration Form

LAST DAY TO REGISTER: September 16, 2023


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