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Meet the OCIGK Leadership and Instructors

Kysohi Shihan background.png

OCIGK is led by Roy Cadiente (left), Founder, 6th degree black belt; he holds the title of Kyoshi (Senior Master Instructor) and Matthew Hemenez, 5th degree black belt; he holds the title of Shihan (Master Instructor). 


Kyoshi and Shihan have worked closely for over 25 years, along with a very dedicated leadership team, to transform OCIGK from a seedling community program to the mutli-faceted, multi-location, caring, professional and traditional learning environment that it is today and is sure to remain in perpetuity

Roy Cadiente, Kyoshi (left) and Matthew Hemenez, Shihan (right)


Senior Sensei Tom Furukawa


Sensei Tom Furukawa is the Senior Sensei at OCIGK and a 4th degree black belt in Goju Ryu Karate. He started his martial arts training in Kyokushin Karate and received his black belt when he was 16 years old. He then trained in Enshin Karate where he competed in full contact (pre-MMA) tournaments.


Sensei Furukawa received his black belt in Goju Ryu Karate in 1996 from Kyoshi Roy Cadiente and has been teaching at the OCIGK ever since. The OCIGK became his home for continued training due to its focus on traditional karate while creating an inviting and nurturing environment.  

He is a father of 3 and former baseball player.  His daughter, Ashley and son Tyler are both OCIGK black belts.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.


Teaching Philosophy:  Karate is for everyone, and anyone can learn.


Sensei George Escalante


Sensei George Escalante is a 3rd degree black belt who began training in martial arts as an adult. His interest in Karate piqued as the parent of a young child attending classes at OCIGK. He soon became a student himself under Kyoshi Roy, earning his black belt in 2011.


Sensei George has a daughter and two sons; both sons are OCIGK black belts. 

Sensei George earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in physics from California State Universities Fullerton and Long Beach, respectively. He earned a  Ph.D. in Computational Sciences–Physics at Chapman University.


Teaching Philosophy: Emphasize a good work ethic in the dojo and that will positively impact other areas of a student’s life.


Sensei Ashley Furukawa


Sensei Ashley Furukawa is a 2nd degree black belt and an instructor for the 9-10am class. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of California San Diego where she obtained a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry & Cell Biology. She is currently pursuing a MD and is certified in CPR and Basic Life Support.


Sensei Tom Quinlan


Sensei Tom Quinlan is a 2nd degree black belt awarded ny Kyoshi Roy Cadiente in 2017. He was born in Tokyo Japan on a U.S. Air Force base. Sempai Tom practiced judo in his early ages and was League Champion and Team Captain for the University High School Wrestling team. Sensei Tom has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, a Master's Degree in Business Administration at CSUF, and Prof Eng certification in Mechanical Engineering. He has a son and two daughters enrolled at OCIGK.

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