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October 9th - OCIGK to demo at the Irvine Global Village Festival (Join the OCIGK Demo Team)

The Orange County Irvine Goshin-Kai will be demonstrating at the Irvine Global Village Festival on October 9, 2021. Our performance will be from 11:30-12:00 pm.

This is a fast paced demo, choreographed to music featuring katas, weapons, bunkais (fighting sequence), and the popular board breaking exhibition.

For more information on the Irvine Global Village Festival, please visit:


All registered students are welcome to join the demo team. There is no cost to join but a commitment to the additional demo practices and rehearsal is required. The exact time and location will be announced but plan on an hour on Sat 9/11, 9/18,, 9/25, and Oct 2nd.

The Demo Team will be limited to 20 students.

To register for the OCIGK demo team, please complete the sign up form in class or email the following:

Include in the email:

Student Name:

Student Rank:

Class Day/Time:

Parent Name(s):

Parent email address:

Parent phone number:


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